Rafael Lords begins with Jake Andrews intimately submissive

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Lucas Entertainments says: Jake Andrews flip fucks raw with boyfriend Rafael Lords: One question that’s been asked quite a bit for several months from fans is when Jake will be making a return to the studio.

He had been in retirement, but recently emerged from his gay porn hibernation with his boyfriend, the newly announced Rafael. Upon seeing Rafael for the first time, you might recollect the ever-popular Armond Rizzo: its no secret the first noticeable similarity is their size.

Rafael Lords is compact and ready to fuck bareback. Rafael begins his scene with Jake Andrews intimately submissive: they closely hug and hold each other while removing their clothes.

What follows? What else could, but Rafael sinking his teeth into Jake’s big, fat cock (which looks like it’s gotten bigger since last he performed).

And take a look at Jake’s body at 07:20 the fucker couldn’t look more cut! If watching Rafael Lords riding Jake Andrews is what you’re after, take a peek at 18:05 it’s a stellar raw fuck loaded with passion and affection.

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