Jamie Welch


Belami says: We filmed this casting with Jamie Welch in our Budapest studio. Although he seemed like a nice guy he didn’t make the cut-off to be invited back for more work.


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Gaelan Binoche and Tim Campbell


Belami says: At times in today’s scene we get to see a more subdued and romantic side of Tim Campbell than we normally do, maybe it is the calming caresses of Gaelan Binoche. Once the fucking starts though, the energetic and slightly wild side to Tim starts to take control again.



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Jim Kerouac fucks Arne Coen's tight boy hole


Belami says: Young new boy Arne Coen’s tight boy hole has already been teased by a couple of Belami Boys. Today Arne probes his smooth asshole with a sex toy. He’s getting used to feeling it slide in and out of his anal passage when Jim Kerouac disturbs him.

Jim has a lot of experience as a big cocked top. Arne has had his eye on Jim’s cock for quite some time. Jim slips his hard erect cock deep between Arne’s smooth ass cheeks pumping him hard with his big bare cock.

The sexy boys fuck in a huge number of sexual positions ending with Arne on top, pressing his tight boy hole hard down onto Jim’s massive dick. Power bottom Arne loves being in dick control.

The plunging motion becomes too much for both young studs to handle. In short succession, first Arne then Jim, sprays their full cum load across themselves. What a wet ending to this sexy bare ass fucking.



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Brian Arquette


Belami says: Baby blue eyes and a lovely cute face, Brian Arquette already has a lot going for him. That he is Belami’s new pin up boy and he’s nursing a huge uncut dick between those legs, makes him climb further up that slippery pole. Just can’t wait to see Brian in action with the rest of the Belami boys.


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Jim Kerouac’s huge twink dick bareback fucks Johnny Bloom’s tight boy hole


Belami says: Jim Kerouac and Johnny Bloom, both ripped muscular young men really hit it off in this hardcore gay bareback fuck session. Filmed in Cape Town South Africa, both sexy muscle boys really give their all, with Johnny’s raw asshole taking the strain of Jim’s huge uncut cock.

A hardcore ass fucking the like of which we can only dream of. Another horny bareback fucking from those ultra sexy Belami Boys.



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Paul Valery and Marcel Gassion


Belami says: Jack Harrer and Paul Valery start out taking good care of their bottom and all his needs, but soon they’ll be filing both of Marcel Gassion’s holes at the same time! Marcel takes it like a champ from every angle until the boys cover him in loads of cum.



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Johnny Bloom and Dolph Lambert


Belami says: Johnny Bloom spends his days working hard in our office, but before he started that he had the chance to perform with Dolph Lambert. This scene is from the very early days of Johnny’s filming with us, and from the end of Dolph’s.


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Gaelan Binoche and Lance Thurber


Belami says: Super hard core action extra large dicked Gaelan Binoche. He is a super lucky guy as first he is paired with super hung boy Lance Thurber, and when he has tired out Lance, he is joined by star Roger Lambert for round two.



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Brian Jovovich and Phillipe Gaudin


Belami says: Brian Jovovich is not a newbie anymore and over time he has become one of our most fully versatile models so in this scene we paired him with another one of our fully versatile performers, Phillipe Gaudin.

In this sexy pairing it’s hard to say who would be the bottom but as the scene develops we can easily see who is in charge.

Brian knows exactly what Phillipe likes so he lets him enjoy his big uncut dick beginning with some oral and ending with Phillipe getting topped by Brian who handles him like a pro.



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Sascha Chaykin, Vadim Farrell and Paul Mekas


Belami says: Paul Mekas and Vadim Farrell are bareback fucking Sascha Chaykin in this double day feature that will have you doing a double take. It’s the first time we have a double update where the same guy bottoms for the same tops in both parts, but this is the way that Lukas shot it, and there was just too much good sex to edit it down to a single update.



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