Johnny Bloom and Luke Hamill


Belami says: Legendary gay porn star Luke Hamill meets up with one of the newer young Belami boys, Johnny Bloom, in South Africa.

As Johnny lies back on the coffee table his hard erect boy cock slips between Luke’s gorgeous lips. Luke sucks his big uncut dick right to the back of his throat. Then Johnny returns the favor giving Luke’s large uncut dick a blowjob he won’t forget in awhile.

Luke falls forward bending over as Johnny rims his tight boy asshole, getting his tongue deep into his anal passage. Then Luke slides his raw cock into Johnny’s ass. Bareback fucking him hard and deep, plugging his asshole time and time again.

The bare fucking continues until both sexy boys are hot and sweaty and getting to closer to the edge of their orgasms. In a few seconds Johnny spills his huge cum load. Closely followed by Luke spraying a load of jizz across his ripped abs and chest.



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Brian Jovovich pumps his huge raw uncut dick deep into newbie Yuri Alpatow’s tight boy hole


Belami says: Yuri Alpatow may only have joined the Belami party just recently but that hasn’t stopped this sexy young stud from getting plowed by some of the biggest uncut twinks in Prague. The city where big young uncut dicks abound.

True to form Yuri gets bareback fucked by super ripped young man Brian Jovovich..



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Yuri Alpatow’s hot boy hole fucked by sexy hunk Marc Ruffalo fucks’ smooth butt hole

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Horny ripped twinks Adam Archuleta and Marc Ruffalo raw cock fucking


Belami says: Belami Online introduces the hottest gay twink porn this summer with 12 flip-flop bareback fucking scenes. To kick off this special run is Givers and takers with Adam Archuleta and Marc Ruffalo. The dark haired ripped twinks bottom and top in this sordid display of twink bare ass fucking.

Sexy young boys Adam Archuleta and Marc Ruffalo show why we love them so much. Both young men are super ripped and both have huge uncut dicks. See them put those uncut monsters to work fucking each other like there is no tomorrow.

Don’t miss the other 11 flip flop fucks all this week at Belami Online.



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Rocco Alfieri and Billy Cotton


Belami says: In the middle of the night Billy Cotton wakes up and is horny, hungry for his bed mate Rocco Alfieri. With Rocco still fast asleep Billy decides there is only one way to satisfy his midnight craving.

So he slips down beneath the bed covers and takes Rocco’s soft cock in his mouth. Sucking and licking Rocco’s big dick and balls till Rocco awakes hard and erect.

Once Rocco is fully awake the horny boys trade blowjobs until Billy gets what he was after all along.

Billy fucks Rocco’s tight asshole with his huge twink cock pounding away till the cum juices in his balls are ready to release their creamy cum prize.

Lucky as Rocco can’t take the deep ass fucking much longer before he also spews forth a huge spurt of hot boy cum.



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Sneak Peak Kris Evans and Torsten Ullman bareback raw ass fucking


Belami says: Belami’s Summer of Love is coming up trumps again. The hot bare backing summer of raw ass love is truly upon us and it’s flip flopping fabulous. Here’s a few of the hot young twinks that are hitting the airwaves over the coming few weeks.

Gay porn and Belami’s super gay porn star Kris Evans make a grand entrance in a scorching hot flip flop bare ass fucking with Belami newbie Torsten Ullman.

Vadim Farrell and Rhys Jagger are also in the bottom to top flip flop as well as Adam Archuleta and Marc Ruffalo. Sexy new boy on the block Antony Lorca is here with his double jerk off with Ronny Lamarr.

Belami keeps us busy with hot flip flop bareback fuckings with Marcel Gassion, Roald Ekberg, Gaelan Binoche, Tom Pollock, Johnny Bloom, Jim Kerouac, Zac De Haan and Milan Sharpe. Talk about busy boys there’s not a condom in sight at Belami towers in Prague.

Not to be outdone there are hot solos from Helmut Huxley, Kevin Warhol, Jeroen Mondrian plus many more.



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Huge uncut cock Mick Lovell and Kevin Warhol bare fucking


Belami says: To go out with a bang we decided that the final flip flop scene of our ‘Summer of Love’ programming should be with 2 of our biggest stars, Mick Lovell and Kevin Warhol.



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Lukas Ridgeston


Belami says: A few years ago Luke Ridgeston was the hottie new boy on the Belami block. Well he is still around Belami working behind the camera these days. However just take a look at the gorgeous ripped muscle stud that he has become.


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Roger Lambert and Adam Archuleta


Belami says: Roger Lambert is back in action and again taking another huge dick. This time he’s paired with Adam Archuleta and the combo of boys brings together 2 large cocks in 1 great scene for size queens. Do not miss the end of this one as Adam shoots a giant load and Roger does his best to gobble every drop.


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Chase Austin and Rick Lautner


Belami says: English newbie Belami boy Rick Lautner has a thick uncut dick which is put to task fucking the tight bubble butt of young American hottie Chase Austin. Their perfect fuck match sure made the sparks fly not even mentioning the cumshots.


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